Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OCT 22/ 23

Oct 22 - Clinic and Free Play 10 am, Lunch w Skins and Pepsi along with Hole/ Course Sponsor recognition at 12:30.  "QUADS" Free tournament -like captains choice - we group up experienced players with beginers to have a great fun round.

OCt 23- ACE RACE at 1:30 - $25 entry fee - 2 free discs and dg bag.

Each event will have Velocity Disc Golf on site to sell Innova, Gateway and Discraft discs and equipment.  If you are looking for portable baskets, shirts, hats  - whatever - shot me an email

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Disc Golf News

The new tee boxes are in!!!!  Lots of debris is cleaned up. 

Planning a grand opening event on October 22 with several events.  A 18 hole tourney, food adn drinks, a pro-am type event with city/county officials
and then
the next day October 23 - we will hold our ACE RACE - it is $25 for a great player pack from Discraft - 2 discs, a hat , a mini and some other goodies too.  the ace race will begin at 1:30 on that Sunday.  tees will be shorter and you will play 2 rounds of 18 holes.  you get points for aces (3) and metal hits (1) - best round gets a great prize from discraft - a bag, 8 discs and some other goodies.

I have already started getting people registering for the ace race.  if you want in - just let me know.

think i am playing at the trails tomorrow afternoon about 2:00 - who's in?


how you like my homemade basket? 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

trails update

this week I have hand many calls and emails about the future of the trails.

one - this is really cool because so many of you call this little oasis "home" as our first real disc golf course in Anderson.

two - you care.

there was an article about a company leasing the woods where our course is located to build and operate a zip line business.  zip lines are really cool and i am happy to tell you that after talking with county parks & rec they have assured me that there is not a conflict and I will be able to work with the company (if this really happens) to ensure flight lines for our course.

the two new holes have been overwhelmingly popular (the tee for 5 makes it seem HUGE.  the two new tee pads should be poured this week.

we are looking to do a real grand opening along with an ace race event on October 22.  The Discraft website actually lists us on the 29th, but that is incorrect.

if you want one of the "trails" discs we did as a fund raiser for the course I have a handful left.  they are $15 for a Gateway wizard putter and mini.

let the discs fly....