Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sign missing

has anyone come across the disc golf banner that WAS on the driveway?  this is our second vanalism issue with this sign.  i am thinking now that the course is fairly well knowm we will not replace it.

Also, we are continueing to have issue with people breaking off the metal signs posts.  4 are down at the moment.  over Christmas we need to replace these posts with 4x4s.  who's in?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


OCT 23 1:30

2 Rounds - 36 Holes
only aces and metal hits count - most points wins "big bag o' discs" from Disccraft
$25 entry fee (gets you player pack with 2 disccraft discs, weekender bag, sticker & mini)
must play with player back discs

Velocity Disc Golf Store onsite with Gateway, DGA, Disccraft & Innnova

Raffle to win

Homemade "55 Gallon" Disc Golf Basket - $5 per chance to win*.  Drawing held at the award presentation of the ACE RACE.

*15 entrance minimum

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OCT 22/ 23

Oct 22 - Clinic and Free Play 10 am, Lunch w Skins and Pepsi along with Hole/ Course Sponsor recognition at 12:30.  "QUADS" Free tournament -like captains choice - we group up experienced players with beginers to have a great fun round.

OCt 23- ACE RACE at 1:30 - $25 entry fee - 2 free discs and dg bag.

Each event will have Velocity Disc Golf on site to sell Innova, Gateway and Discraft discs and equipment.  If you are looking for portable baskets, shirts, hats  - whatever - shot me an email

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Disc Golf News

The new tee boxes are in!!!!  Lots of debris is cleaned up. 

Planning a grand opening event on October 22 with several events.  A 18 hole tourney, food adn drinks, a pro-am type event with city/county officials
and then
the next day October 23 - we will hold our ACE RACE - it is $25 for a great player pack from Discraft - 2 discs, a hat , a mini and some other goodies too.  the ace race will begin at 1:30 on that Sunday.  tees will be shorter and you will play 2 rounds of 18 holes.  you get points for aces (3) and metal hits (1) - best round gets a great prize from discraft - a bag, 8 discs and some other goodies.

I have already started getting people registering for the ace race.  if you want in - just let me know.

think i am playing at the trails tomorrow afternoon about 2:00 - who's in?


how you like my homemade basket? 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

trails update

this week I have hand many calls and emails about the future of the trails.

one - this is really cool because so many of you call this little oasis "home" as our first real disc golf course in Anderson.

two - you care.

there was an article about a company leasing the woods where our course is located to build and operate a zip line business.  zip lines are really cool and i am happy to tell you that after talking with county parks & rec they have assured me that there is not a conflict and I will be able to work with the company (if this really happens) to ensure flight lines for our course.

the two new holes have been overwhelmingly popular (the tee for 5 makes it seem HUGE.  the two new tee pads should be poured this week.

we are looking to do a real grand opening along with an ace race event on October 22.  The Discraft website actually lists us on the 29th, but that is incorrect.

if you want one of the "trails" discs we did as a fund raiser for the course I have a handful left.  they are $15 for a Gateway wizard putter and mini.

let the discs fly....


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011


the redesign is done....on paper and we are working with the county rec folks to help us with getting the new fairways cleared and new tee pads poured.

the sign has a fresh coat of paint after more vandalism

still need 4 more sponsors....if you know someone, let me know - it is $500 for a 3 year deal

3 more practice/ handicap accessible baskets are to be placed on the walking path around the tennis courts soon

need to so a work day soon to clear back some brush and spray round up

don't forget to pick up your trash...and that of others



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meeting with contractor today about clearing

tee signs are in for all holes expect #3.  Still need 5 hole sponsors - $500.  somebody out there knows somebody.

new arrangement of hole is approved -3-6 will have a new configuration.  Only have to plant one basket (the one missing from 3)

June 5-6 is river days at dolly cooper park on the saluda river in powersville.  in conjunction we will set up a temp course on the property - hopefully we will be able to put one there permanently soon.

at the trails - we have approval to add 3 more practice baskets along the greenway near the tennis courts for a pitch and putt- practice-ada-kid-friendly area for disc golf

Bee are gone btw - thanks for the help!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update at the Trails

Hello Anderson Disc Golfers.  I hope you are enjoying the great dg weather.

I wanted to update you on the goings on at the Trails.

1.  Two weeks ago there was a huge amount of vandalism all over the civic center complex.  Our message board was spray painted and the big disc golf banner was ruined.  We have managed to clean up most of the baskets that had profane comments

2.  There was some wild weather that knocked down some limbs and trees - thanks for getting a lot of that cleaned up already. Still need to cut down big tree on #5 basket.

3.  There are bees all along the creek # 12 & # 14 - bee careful.  I have chemical to kill them - it must be mixed and sprayed at dusk or dawn.  i am highly allergic, so I need someone to step up who can handle this...any takers?

4.  You all know about the adjustment to #2 and the removal of #3 because of property boundary issues.  Just wanted to say thanks to the landowner who came over and cleared out around the new #2 basket.

5.  Looking to hold a next event on May 21 - Ya'll want to run singles or doubles?

6.  I have tee signs 10-18 to install - hopefully by the end of the week.

7.  We have figured out the best solution to the missing hole.  The current  plan requires some debris cleaning and tree clearing.  We have a little $ for that so we have called the company that helped us the first time.  More $ would be better - still have 5 holes to sell - 3 year sponsorship with name on tee sign and on map sign for $500.  Anyway - to help the course be continuous the plan is to change #5 to #3, #6 to #4, place a new tee box up on the hill near the new #4 (old#6) basket and shot at the current #4 basket (it will be a long downhill shot with a little right turn.  Then come off what is now #4 basket (it will be #5) to the left and place a new tee box near the trail and fire up towards the current #4 tee box (this will be a short hole - new #6).  What this means is two new tee pads and one new basket placement.  This will keep a good flow to the course and allow a bit of interest in the distance through the trees, downhill and a tight shorty to set you up to continue at the existing #7.

All that clear?  Anyway -hoping we are moving this week on this.

Hollar back if you can help out, know a sponsor, have an idea or love disc golf!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ideas for new Number 3 at the Trails

We are taking submissions for the new number 3 at the Trails.  Several ideas have been floated, but we wanted to see if anyone has a better idea we have not thought of.  So, trying to keep the layout as simple as we can, but also not sticking a hole in just because...what ideas do you have?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

News from the Trails

Quick report from the Trails DGC -

During installation we actually installed hole number 3 on a piece of property not belonging to the county.  so as of today hole number 3 is out of play.  I will be pulling the basket and sign this week.  The neighbor has had issues with people way over into his backyard and is installing a barbed wire fence and no trespassing signs.  He's a good guy, just tired of people leaving trash, making a lot of un-needed noise and "exploring" way to far off the course onto his land.

Another result will be the relocation of the basket on number 2.  We have identified an alternative pin placement to the left of the trail - so that mean some clearing will need to be done along with a few trees to be cut.  Still no definite location of a new number 3.

Also, the county has asked me to remind you all that the area is a NO ALCOHOL area. If you see on the ground please put it in the trash.  If you are used to carrying it with you, please stop.  If you are caught with it open or closed you will be fined and the more this happens, the more likely they will shut down the access to the course.

Tee signs are coming as well as a map sign, although I will wait on it until we know how and where we will relocate a new hole.

Thanks for your help and understanding


Monday, March 21, 2011

work day

hey guys we need to do some clean up and trash pick up and some greenery clearing before spring truly brings out the poinson oak.  who's up for work day on Saturday March 26?  10ish?

also - fyi - there may be a property boundry issue on the trails wih hole number 3.  evidentally the county does not own the property there.  I am meeting with the land owner later this week

Monday, March 7, 2011

Trails DGC Update

Update - tee signs 10-18 going in this week and the map sign is close behind.  Still looking for 4 sponsors - if you got a connection with a company or you just need a tax credit - the sponsorship is tax deductable! $500 for a 3 year deal.

We need to plan a work day to do some maintenance - chop some trees, clear some areas around tees and baskets.  what is better for you guys?  Saturday or Sunday?  TIme change happens this week so evenings will have more light too.  I am game for Saturday early or a Tuesday/ Wednesday at 5:30 kind of thing.

Let me know what you think.

Reminder:  Pick up trash as you are on the course

Looking at an April date for our next outing - maybe Aprl 16,23 or 30?

I got TRails Discs that will help us have funds for ongoing maintenance - it is sketch of hole # 2 done by Keith Freelin. They are Gateway Wizard SS putters - for $15 you get one of these to hang on your wall bang the chains along with a matching mini marker disc.

There is buzz from the city of Anderson about either removing the 9 hole course at Darwin Wright Park and relocating it to a city park near downtown Anderson or trying to get permits from the Arm Corp of Engineers to clear an area of trees and underbrush along the lake at Darwin Wright to get the course away from the repopulated park area.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Doubles Results and News

Congrats to Kevin and Cody for the first round win today with -8

and to Mike and Basil for round 2 with a -6.

Need to sell more trails discs - $15 for the designer disc and mini - it is a gateway wizard sss.

Give me a shout if you need plastic - Innova, Gateway, DGA, Discraft, Ching.  I can get bags too and portable baskets are pretty awesome too.  The Innova traveller I can get you for $115.  DGA Mach 14 - $120.


Any thoughts about when would be best to have a work day?


Friday, February 11, 2011

Doubles Saturday Feb 12 @ The Trails DGC - 9 am mtg, first tees at 9:30

disc golf doubles tomorrow at the Trails DGC in Anderson. First Round - Random, Second round - pick your partner. See your DGers at 9!

$5 per round

Trails - discs available

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tee Signs

Installed tee signs for 1-9 today.  they look really sharp.  thanks to basil for the design work and Brady's Screenprint for the print and Indcom services for the metal for the signs.  the next 9 soon?  And map sign too!  We still have 5 holes to sell.  $500 for a 3 year sponsorship - anybody got ideas?

Planning on Doubles on Feb 12. @ 9:30 - will let you know.

Trails Discs are in - $15 for wizard putter and mini.  Profits go to maintain the course.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trails Discs Are In

Man are these sweet.  Big thanks to Keith Freelin for the design.  We will pass these out to the course sponsors and sell the rest for up keep on the course.

These are Gateway Wizards.  Gateway is a smaller Disc Golf Manufacturer out of St. Louis, MO. Their putters are considered by many to be the best around.  The Wizard is one of their big name putters along with the Magic.

All the discs are black - this one in the picture has a sparkle silver foil stamp, others have rainbow.  I think we will see these at the next event - likely a doubles 2 rounder event first Saturday of Feb.

We also have minis in assorted colors.  I think a combo price will be like $15 for a disc and mini.  You can shell out the is for a good cause.