Monday, September 20, 2010

New Disc Golf Disc Manufacturer - Maple Valley Plastics - MVP

The ION is the only disc available and PDGA approved from newcomer Maple Valley Plastics out of Michigan.  They market their discs under the MVP label.  I contacted them last week to see if they send me a sample to demo.  They did.

Let me tell you the ION is one cool disc.  it is a putter like no other.  It features a two material welded disc.  A  candy like plastic for the inner dome and a rubberish rim that thickens out similar to an aviar.  I was so excited by it that I putted for 30 minutes after opening the package today.

Here are my thoughts on the ION.  It feels great, love the change of texture on the edge.  At full speed the disc flies true and holds a great line, especially if thrown low.  At low speeds, like a lob, it floats quickly to the right (RHBH).  You can really send some crushing throws into the chains with this disc.  i assume the rubberized outer ring is designed to absorb the energy of the throw into chains to cushion the blow.  It does to some degree, but if thrown high into the chains, it had the tendency to bounce out straight.  Maybe too much spring in the disc.

I do like the disc and it will ride in my bag for awhile.  I wonder what will come next in disc design - a putter with a crumble zone? 

anybody ever throw any of these?  i am working to get my hands on some other plastic from smaller dg companies.  DareDevil out of Canada, ABC in Indiana, DKG in Memphis, Ching in Asheville, Gateway in St Louis and a few overseas manufacturers.  Stay tuned.  If you need discs or want to be on our email update list for Anderson Area Disc Golf events and news, email me at

the PHD Pocket Disc

Ok, these are really cool.  We bought one this summer up in the mountains around Asheville, NC and had a "ball' with it.  I called the company, met the president and am now working with them to market them to the disc golf community.  Check out their website
These discs are the same size as traditional dg discs but made of a woven fabric.  They are tons of fun.  Locally, you can buy these at the Giggling Grasshopper.

more stuff I'm checking out

New Ching VELOCITY is a driver with grip-dimples (my words, not theirs).  I will be testing this week and will let you know how I like and what it's main attributes are.

Stuff that i'm checking out

The Nutsac!!  New Disc Golf Bag from Nutsac is really unique.  It is made from the same material as Carhartt clothes - really heavy duty canvas.  It holds about 6 discs.  Kind of looks like a rugged purse or murse (man-purse for the testosterone crowd).  In talking with the company, they say that it is perfect for the real disc golfer - the ones that realize that they only use about 4-5 discs, so why carry a suitcase around the course.

Anderson Independent Article Coming Out Soon

Great conversation with Jake Grove with AI.  He's covered Disc golf before when we installed the small course at Darwin Wright (City Beach DGC) a few years ago.  Be looking for the article this weekend.

I am including a picture of the sign template.  You will notice the blank space in the bottom, that is where the sponsor info will go.  and  speaking of sponsors...GPO needs your help to make a few contacts.  We have folders made up with all the info about sponsorship ($500 for 3 years - logo on a tee sign as well as the main trail head sign).  Let me know if you know of an individual or company that you and/ or i can approach.  Also, we have lumber and concrete - do you have the capacity to build benched or trash cans?  Can you did a hole and plant the sign posts (we have 3 that never got in and a couple more that have pulled loose because of too little concrete).

comment below or email me at


Friday, September 3, 2010

What can you do?

I am glad you asked because the Trails DGC is your course.  Any time you play, always pick up trash.  If you have the time, take some clippers/ loppers/ saws and clear out the trails and areas around the baskets.  Round Up Round Up Round Up.  Especially the Poison Oak/ Ivy.

All for now.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


We have several great partners and sponsors that have helped fund and build the trails dgc.  We are still in need of several more to complete our project with benches, trash cans and a trailhead sign/ map.

we have 6 hole sponsorships open - it is $500 for a 3 year sponsorship.  that gets the business logo on a tee sign as well as the main sign for the course.  we are affiliated with Foothills Community Foundation and are a non-profit organization.  your contributions may be tax deductible.  attached is the sponsor form and info about the course and GPO.

if you have ideas or questions contact me at



The Trails Disc Golf Course @ the Anderson County Civic Center

the course is officially open.  there will a "grand opening" soon where we can invite our sponsors and county officials.

tee signs are coming soon.  if you are playing for the first time, park in the new parking lot before the tennis courts and use the asphalt walk way towards the apartments.  #1 tee is on the left, #18 basket is on the right.

#10 & 11 tee boxes are painted on the asphalt walk way.  after finishing # 10 - 11 is up the asphalt walk not the dirt path.  after #12 - turn right through the trees to the open area for #113.  finishing 13 walk past 12 tee, step over the creek (its little, with a small bridge or log crossing coming) - turn right to find #14 tee.  everything else is simple.

questions?  call me at 864-314-0348 - David Barfield

doubles on Sundays at 3.  still looking for a day during the week to get together.

if you have some contacts we still have 6 holes for sponsorship.