Saturday, March 26, 2011

News from the Trails

Quick report from the Trails DGC -

During installation we actually installed hole number 3 on a piece of property not belonging to the county.  so as of today hole number 3 is out of play.  I will be pulling the basket and sign this week.  The neighbor has had issues with people way over into his backyard and is installing a barbed wire fence and no trespassing signs.  He's a good guy, just tired of people leaving trash, making a lot of un-needed noise and "exploring" way to far off the course onto his land.

Another result will be the relocation of the basket on number 2.  We have identified an alternative pin placement to the left of the trail - so that mean some clearing will need to be done along with a few trees to be cut.  Still no definite location of a new number 3.

Also, the county has asked me to remind you all that the area is a NO ALCOHOL area. If you see on the ground please put it in the trash.  If you are used to carrying it with you, please stop.  If you are caught with it open or closed you will be fined and the more this happens, the more likely they will shut down the access to the course.

Tee signs are coming as well as a map sign, although I will wait on it until we know how and where we will relocate a new hole.

Thanks for your help and understanding


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