Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update at the Trails

Hello Anderson Disc Golfers.  I hope you are enjoying the great dg weather.

I wanted to update you on the goings on at the Trails.

1.  Two weeks ago there was a huge amount of vandalism all over the civic center complex.  Our message board was spray painted and the big disc golf banner was ruined.  We have managed to clean up most of the baskets that had profane comments

2.  There was some wild weather that knocked down some limbs and trees - thanks for getting a lot of that cleaned up already. Still need to cut down big tree on #5 basket.

3.  There are bees all along the creek # 12 & # 14 - bee careful.  I have chemical to kill them - it must be mixed and sprayed at dusk or dawn.  i am highly allergic, so I need someone to step up who can handle this...any takers?

4.  You all know about the adjustment to #2 and the removal of #3 because of property boundary issues.  Just wanted to say thanks to the landowner who came over and cleared out around the new #2 basket.

5.  Looking to hold a next event on May 21 - Ya'll want to run singles or doubles?

6.  I have tee signs 10-18 to install - hopefully by the end of the week.

7.  We have figured out the best solution to the missing hole.  The current  plan requires some debris cleaning and tree clearing.  We have a little $ for that so we have called the company that helped us the first time.  More $ would be better - still have 5 holes to sell - 3 year sponsorship with name on tee sign and on map sign for $500.  Anyway - to help the course be continuous the plan is to change #5 to #3, #6 to #4, place a new tee box up on the hill near the new #4 (old#6) basket and shot at the current #4 basket (it will be a long downhill shot with a little right turn.  Then come off what is now #4 basket (it will be #5) to the left and place a new tee box near the trail and fire up towards the current #4 tee box (this will be a short hole - new #6).  What this means is two new tee pads and one new basket placement.  This will keep a good flow to the course and allow a bit of interest in the distance through the trees, downhill and a tight shorty to set you up to continue at the existing #7.

All that clear?  Anyway -hoping we are moving this week on this.

Hollar back if you can help out, know a sponsor, have an idea or love disc golf!


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