Monday, September 20, 2010

Anderson Independent Article Coming Out Soon

Great conversation with Jake Grove with AI.  He's covered Disc golf before when we installed the small course at Darwin Wright (City Beach DGC) a few years ago.  Be looking for the article this weekend.

I am including a picture of the sign template.  You will notice the blank space in the bottom, that is where the sponsor info will go.  and  speaking of sponsors...GPO needs your help to make a few contacts.  We have folders made up with all the info about sponsorship ($500 for 3 years - logo on a tee sign as well as the main trail head sign).  Let me know if you know of an individual or company that you and/ or i can approach.  Also, we have lumber and concrete - do you have the capacity to build benched or trash cans?  Can you did a hole and plant the sign posts (we have 3 that never got in and a couple more that have pulled loose because of too little concrete).

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